TTA Computer Consulting Services - Detailed

Custom Programming
TTA Computer Consulting is well versed in numerous computer programming languages, as well as internet scripting languages. If you require an application to be modified (providing you have the source code) or created from scratch, we are able to accomodate all your needs. For more information concerning our technologies, please check out our technology page.

Data Conversions
A problem that numerous businesses face in today's fast-paced world is the obsolescence of data. Many times you are required to 'upgrade' your software and find out that the data stored in your old software cannot be transferred over. This can be a vital blow to the business since all data collected in your business' lifespan is important. TTA Computer Consulting is able to extract this data and allow for an easier transition period.

Website Design
Your website is your company's representation on the world wide web. It is the first and most critical point of contact when you are doing business over the internet. TTA Computer Consulting can help you overcome this challenge by allowing you to portray your company in the fashion that it should be. User customization and enhanced capabilites allow you to offer your visitors a vision your your true company.

Website Marketing
Having a website and not having anyone visiting is like having an empty store. Let TTA Computer Consulting create a marketing program that will allow you to generate more traffic than you could ever imagine. When you are competing with everyone else on the internet, you have to make sure that you are the first website potential customers visit.

Hardware Sales
TTA Computer Consulting is on the cutting edge of technology and can help companies requiring a workstation or server overhaul to correctly identify their needs. This helps companies upgrade intelligently without exceeding their budget or end up buying obsolete hardware.

On-site Technical Support
When a computer goes down, it leads to productivity loss, and downtime is not what a business needs. For emergency purposes, TTA Computer Consulting can diagnose and solve your problems before they get out of hand.

Email Support
TTA Computer Consulting can set up an email support partnership with your company to reply to all technical questions via email. This method allows for faster responses than on-site support at times, depending on the distance needed to be travelled. Sometimes, a complex problem can be solved by a simple answer.

If you are wondering about certain technologies you want to employ, or even what software you should migrate to, TTA Computer Consulting has the answers for you. We take pride in doing extra research to make sure you make the most informed decision.