Making the Right Choices .

In Today's market, many companies will offer you the 'latest and greatest' technology without thinking about the stability problems that come along with it. Our solutions are for end users, and beta quality is not acceptable.

At TTA Computer Consulting, we carefully evaluate all components used, as well as test the technologies we employ thoroughly before we deploy solutions to our customers. The worst kind of problems that a company can face are the ones that you have no control over fixing.
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Technologies currently in use at TTA Computer Consulting:
Among the software tools we currently use include ..
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server
MS Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft Access

Educating our Customers

TTA Computer Consulting makes sure that our customers are well aware of what technologies we employ for their projects. Thorough understanding allows us to let our customers know we are dedicated and open to suggestions to make the project managable for our clients.